Ways to Setup a Wireless Trail Camera

Ways to Setup a Wireless Trail Camera

A trail camera is an invaluable asset to anyone who loves hunting because it monitors the movements of animals along a given path. Nature enthusiasts can also use it to locate and document wildlife. Moreover, a trail camera is also an invaluable asset to people who are wary about security in their area because it will help you monitor suspicious activities. To increase the ease of use wireless trail cameras have become popular in recent years. A cellular network of trail cameras gives you the option to monitor movement in an area without having have to go there as you can access the images wirelessly. There is a wide range of product options for you if you are looking for a wireless game camera with brands such as as Bushnell, Covert, and Spypoint to name a few. Its recommended that you read more about wireless game cameras here if you want to know more. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to use this device. Here are ways to setup a wireless trail camera.

– Unwrap the Box and Make Sure That Everything Is Intact

Ways to Setup a Wireless Trail CameraTrail cameras come with an inventory list. Verify that all the items on it are in the box. You should also note that some things like accessories would not be on the list. Instead, you would have to buy them separately. Examples of accessories include a solar panel and a security box. The panel is useful because it extends your camera’s battery life. The security box is also helpful because it protects the camera from curious animals and harsh weather.

– Look for the Best Location to set up the Camera

Obstacles are a nuisance when you are using these devices. Trees, rocks, and animals will block your camera unless you set it up in the right location. Obstacles are not your only worry. Remember, the game you are tracking follows a particular trail. That means you must find an obstacle-free location that falls within the path taken by the animals you are hunting. Finding this perfect spot is difficult, but it is not impossible. For example, you can use Google Maps to find it. Then you should place the camera near the trail. Make sure that it faces the path.

– Install the Batteries and the Memory Card

Ways to Setup a Wireless Trail CameraThe trail camera will not work unless it has batteries. Charge them and then install them so that the camera takes photos and videos for a long time. Most of these cameras also come with a given amount of internal memory, but it is never sufficient. Purchase an external memory card if you do not have one. Conduct some tests after doing so. For example, check the frequency and speed of the camera’s trigger. Adjust it to the settings you want if it is not at the level you would like it to be.

– Mount the Trail Camera

You can fasten the camera into position using various means. For instance, you can tie it to a tree using individual bungee cords. You can also buy mounts that are more secure than bungee cords. Make sure that the camera is firmly in position. It should have a clear view of the trail used by the game you are hunting. Concealing the camera is also a good idea so that it does not attract unnecessary attention. However, the materials you use to conceal should not block the camera’s line of sight.

Test the camera by activating it yourself. It should take photos under different settings of light and speed. You can leave it the way it is if everything is okay. However, you should change the settings of the camera if something is wrong with it. Use a scent eliminator to remove your scent after you have made sure everything is okay with your trail camera. Leave the area and then wait patiently for some interesting footage from the camera.

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