Safety Tips to Visit Lujan Zoo

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Visiting a zoo is a pleasant experience especially when you have children who enjoy seeing different animals. However, it can also be dangerous. In fact, it can result in injury or death if you are not careful. Therefore, you should exercise care when visiting any of these establishments. For example, the Lujan Zoo is particularly dangerous because it encourages people to interact freely with animals. Here are 7 Safety Tips to Visit Lujan Zoo;

1. Do Not Throw Any Objects

Why Should You Go for Hiking In Tennessee State ParksZoos may give you a false sense of security. Throwing stones and small sticks among other items may seem appealing, but doing so could be fatal. Animals can react to such actions violently. They can also attack you if you make sudden moves. Moreover, shouting or screaming when you are near them is not a good idea.

2. Do Not Feed the Animals

The zookeepers at Lujan feed the animals. You should not feed them even if they look hungry. Remember, feeding wild animals is not a simple process. It takes a bit of training for you to do it properly. For example, visitors may approach the animals in the wrong way while trying to feed them. The consequences of doing so might be catastrophic. Lions or tigers can maul you easily thinking that you are part of the meal.

3. Do Not Cross a Fence

Why Should You Go for Hiking In Tennessee State ParksFences and other types of barriers exist for a reason. Zoo authorities put up them up to protect you from wild animals. Sometimes, people feel as though they can climb those fences into the enclosures. Do not cross a fence at any cost. Instead, ask the zookeeper to help you if you something fell into the animal’s enclosure.

4. Do Not Run In the Zoo

Running is fun, healthy, and exhilarating. However, running in the zoo is not a good idea. Remember, the Lujan Zoo has a high number of predatory animals that specialize in hunting prey. If they see you running, then they might interpret it as an ongoing hunt and they will chase you if they can.

5. Do Not Lean or Sit On Railings

The Lujan Zoo covers a large area. Walking through it is a tiresome experience. The zoo is also 80km from Buenos Aires and as such, getting there might be tiring as well. However, Lujan zoo has benches that you can use for sitting and relaxation when you feel tired. Do not lean or sit on the railings. Wild animals enclosed by those railings can jump up and harm you.

6. Do Not Tease Any Animal

Humans love teasing each other. They also love mocking animals. Unfortunately, animals are not as rational as humans are. Animals will react accordingly if they feel your actions are threatening gestures. Remember, outrunning a wild animal is difficult if not impossible.

7. Do Not Let Go Of Your Children

Children are the most vulnerable group of people who visit Lujan Zoo. Their response skills are low and so is their sense of danger. That means they can do foolish things without realizing the trouble that comes with doing them. Moreover, kids cannot respond as quickly as adults can when they are in danger. Keep them within sight at all times.

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