10 Most Dangerous Zoos In The World

Most Dangerous Zoos In The World

Most Dangerous Zoos

Zoos are a magnificent place where you can learn about animals from all over the world. However, these establishments can be quite dangerous. More specifically, zoo animals have attacked visitors and staff viciously on many occasions. Some of these incidents have resulted in horrifying deaths. Here are the 10 most dangerous zoos in the world.

1. The Beijing Zoo in China

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldPeople believe that pandas are soft tempered animals, but that is not always the case. A panda at the Beijing Zoo in China is responsible for the mauling of three different people. The first incident involved a 35-year-old man called Zhang Xinyan. The second one was a 15-year-old boy named Li Xitao. The latest incident occurred as recently as 2009.

2. The Dallas Zoo

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldA 13-year-old gorilla lived in this zoo enclosed by a 16-foot concave wall. It got over this wall as it tried to get to some kids who were taunting it. The gorilla attacked a 26-year-old woman and her 3-year-old daughter. It put the child’s head in her mouth gnawing at the kid’s chest and head.

3. The Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldTwo major incidents have occurred at this establishment. One of them involved a Danish citizen born in Afghanistan. In this case, a Siberian tiger mauled his face, chest, thigh, and throat. In another case, a 21-year-old man died after a tiger attacked him when the individual entered his den.

4. The San Francisco Zoo

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldIn 2007, a Siberian tiger weighing 350 pounds escaped and set upon three people killing one of them. The deceased was from San Jose, California. He was 17 years old. The other two people had to undergo surgery to treat their injuries. This incident took place on Christmas.

5. The Pittsburgh Zoo

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldIn 2012, a 2-year-old boy was outside the Painted Dog Bush Camp at the Pittsburgh Zoo. He tumbled into an enclosure for African wild dogs. Three of the dogs into that enclosure attacked him biting his torso and head. Police had to fire upon one of the dogs so that it would leave him alone. The rest scattered when zoo workers tried to scare them.

6. The Parys Zoo Farm in South Africa

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldThe incident that took place on this zoo involved a worker who came out of retirement to offer his help. He was in a hallway within an enclosure. Animals did not access this area, but one lion did when the worker was there. It took a bite at his neck killing him instantly. The lion now lives in a sanctuary.

7. The Singapore Zoo in Singapore

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldIn 2008, 3 Bengal tigers mauled a man to death after the individual got close to their enclosure. He was a worker going about his job. He strayed into the tigers’ area and that is when the attack happened. The tigers clawed at his chest and neck. It was a gruesome sight.

8. The Berlin Zoo in Germany

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldIn 2009, a woman got into a polar bear enclosure at this zoo. She did that during feeding time. The bear bit into her rear, but rescuers managed to lift her out of the water. Unfortunately, she fell in again and the bear attacked her once more. She survived the incident, but she suffered serious injuries to her leg.

9. Anchorage Zoo Alaska

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldA polar bear attacked a 29-year-old tourist who tried to get close up pictures of it. The woman, Kathryn Warburton, survived the attack but she suffered bite wounds and a broken leg. The bear kept the woman’s shoe for three days before the zoo staff managed to pry it from her.

10. The Franklin Zoo in New Zealand

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldThis establishment decided to keep a circus elephant for some time as it planned to have it transferred to California. Helen Schofield, the owner of the zoo, was the one overseeing these plans. Unfortunately, the 39-year-old elephant crushed the 42-year-old zoo owner with her trunk.

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