How to Choose a Safe Place to Pitch a Camp?

How to Choose a Safe Place to Pitch a Camp

Time is a scarce commodity in contemporary society because of hectic work schedules and other obligations. Sometimes, you should escape the city life for a day or two. In fact, you can even go camping with your family and friends for a week. Doing so would strengthen the bond you have with your loved ones. It would also help you get some exercise and fresh air. Unfortunately, the great outdoors can be a dangerous place. The question is how to choose a safe place to pitch a camp? Here is how you can go about it.

– Proximity to Transport and Communication Infrastructure

How to Choose a Safe Place to Pitch a CampChoose a location that is close to a highway or a train station. You should not camp next to such facilities, but they should be a few kilometers away from you. Why is that important? At times, you can suffer from infections or injuries that require medical attention immediately. For example, poison ivy is a common plant in the United States. It can cause blisters, rashes, swelling, and redness.

It can lead to infection without urgent medical attention. Moreover, tick bites cause over 300,000 infections in the US each year. Close proximity to transport facilities ensures that you can reach a hospital quickly. If you suffer grave injuries, then proper communication facilities around you can help you call for help without delay or interruption.

– Proximity to Population Centers and Critical Institutions

Sometimes, you can be camping alone or with a small number of loved ones. What would you do if all of you suffer from a serious injury? That is something that you ought to consider especially when 2,540 camping injuries involving equipment occur each year. Close proximity to population centers means that you can shout for help and someone will hear you. It also means that a huge number of people will arrive to help you and your loved ones. Pitching camp far away from population centers and critical institutions such as hospitals means help will arrive late i.e. if it will arrive at all.

– Frequency of Attacks on Humans

How to Choose a Safe Place to Pitch a CampPitching camp in areas where attacks on humans are few is a good idea. For example, do not pitch camp in a place where bears attack people regularly. Ask for the statistics on a particular area before you go there. For example, did you know bear attacks in North America resulted in 27 deaths fatalities during the 2000s? How many of them occurred in the camp you intend to visit. If not bear attacks, then did the area experience any other forms of attacks by wild animals? If the statistics are acceptable, the pitch camp in that location.

– Nature of the Terrain and the Expected Weather Conditions

Nothing is as unpredictable as the weather despite what meteorologists say. For example, you can go camping today when the sun is shining, but it might rain in the evening. Did you prepare for such eventualities? Sometimes, you can leave home without checking the weather forecast. That means you have no idea of what might happen as you are camping. Remember, avalanches and mudslides are common phenomena in nature. Study the history of the area especially if it is wintertime so that you have an idea of what to expect as you head for camp. Surprises can be devastating for you and your family.

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